Your Hardt Jewelry was designed by Anne Lenhardt Koebele. Each piece is then hand-crafted by carefully chosen jewelry artisans, and hand-finished in the United States.

Hardt Jewelry is made with brass and plated in 925 sterling silver, 14K & 18K yellow gold, and black oxidation or gunmetal. Due to the nature of these metals, spotting and discoloration will occur after frequent wear. Please consider these unique imperfections and as jewelry enhancements, not defects.

Product Care:

Hand-made jewelry is delicate and therefore, we ask that care be taken when wearing your jewelry.

To maintain the plated finish, adhere to the following:

-  Avoid abrasive or hard surfaces

-  Avoid contact with chemicals such as makeup, lotion, soap, perfume, hairspray, oils, detergents and cleaning supplies

-  Remove jewelry when doing activities such as sports, household tasks, swimming, bathing/showering

-  Do not yank or pull chains

-  Store in a cool, dry place


Please keep in mind that continuous size adjustments to rings and cuffs will cause the metal to fatigue and may cause damage. Damage caused by excessive bending or sizing will not be viewed as a product flaw. Please adjust once to fit if needed.

Hardt Jewelry is not liable for any damages to the product finish, metal, or chain if care instructions are not followed.